Unraveling Inflammation With Vibrant Wellness Advanced Health Tests

Have you been experiencing persistent aches and pains or an obscure medical condition with inflammation as one of the possible culprits? You can start to get answers and get to the root cause from the Vibrant Wellness Advanced Health Tests to understand your body’s reactivity to food. This article will go over the unique advantages of the Inflammation Advanced Health Test, helping you get a greater understanding of your body so that you can start feeling better today.

What Inflammation Advanced Tests Reveal

Inflammation Advanced is an essential bundle if you’re looking to dive deeper into understanding your body’s (im)balance. This collection of tests helps the lab to analyze samples of your blood, giving you a detailed report on how you may react to certain foods.

The advantages of this bundle exist to cover all aspects of potential sensitivities and allergies. There are tests to detect hypersensitivities, gluten sensitivities, wheat germ sensitivities, gluten-induced autoimmunity, and food sensitivity 96 tests as part of the Inflammation Advanced bundle. This is a comprehensive set of tests that gives you the insights to address any reactions before they escalate.

Different Tests of the Inflammation Advanced Health Test Bundle

Within the range of tests available, here are the specifics of each to give you a greater understanding of the value offered:

Total Immunoglobulin – This part of the test looks into immunoglobulin-mediated reactions to certain foods or proteins. It determines the type of hypersensitivity you may have in order to make sure it is not a more severe allergy. The test looks at measures of antibodies specific to each substance to find out the reason behind a reaction to a different food.

Wheat Zoomer – This test is the perfect comprehensive venu for gluten-related intolerance diagnostics. It covers any and all sensitivities to wheat as well as issues such as celiac and non-gluten wheat sensitivities. It should be noted that this specific test requires a blood sample before lunch (10-11 am).

Corn Zoomer – Corn is often a replacement for wheat for those adjusting to a gluten-free lifestyle. Similar to the Wheat Zoomer, this test looks into any potential sensitivities to corn or its derivatives.

Lectin Zoomer – Lectins are found in a variety of everyday foods such as grains, beans and veggies. Lectin Zoomer looks into potential reactions linked to arthritis and connective tissue disorders due to the presence of certain lectins in certain foods.

Dairy Zoomer – Dairy sensitivities often don’t present many symptoms and the clarity they give is essential. Dairy Zoomer looks at the full spectrum of all possible immune responses to cow’s milk dairy and can help you and your doctor to understand how best to confront the issue at hand.

Food Sensitivity 96 – This test gives you a detailed analysis of reactions to 96 common commercially available foods.

Empower Your Bodily Understanding with Vibrant Wellness Inflammation Advanced

Thanks to the Inflammation Advanced bundle from Vibrant Wellness, you have the insight needed to get a better grip on your body and understand the source of inflammation. Whether you’re dealing with mild or severe issues, this allows you to proactively address these or work with a provider to better understand the root cause and create an action plan.

Let’s get started on unraveling inflammation and take the first steps in feeling better today with the Vibrant Wellness Advanced Health Tests.


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