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Surviving Mold, Detoxed, and Happy

Our mold journey has happily ended at last, so I wanted to write a note of our family’s progress with the mycotoxin (mold toxins) detoxification. As no one treatment fits all, I had to modify the detoxification measures depending on the symptoms and the lab results from the Organic Acid Test and Mycotox Test by

My Favorite Alastin Skincare Products

This is what I use in my daily skin regimen – my skin has never looked better. Combine this with a clean diet, skin-replenishing supplements (do not forget about the benefits of vitamin C for the production of collagen), and light to moderate exercise! My Alastin Skincare Routine – Every Morning: Alastin Gentle Cleanser –

Be Beautiful and Protected with Hydratint Sunscreen (Free Bonus)

When you spend $75 or more + FREE Shipping! Get Your Alastin Skincare Products Here! WHY SUNSCREENS ARE SO IMPORTANT When it comes to skin care and sun protection, broad spectrum sunscreen is a non-negotiable. Constant exposure to UVA and UVB rays can negatively impact the condition of skin, however, avoiding these harmful UV rays

Medical Grade Supplements at 5% off with Fullscript

I’m offering you a discount of 5% on all of your orders through my Fullscript dispensary through February, so making your health a priority is easier than ever. The immune system is your body’s primary mechanism of defense, responsible for protecting you from potentially harmful invaders, including viruses. Certain lifestyle interventions can support your immune

Immune Support: What I Used when My Family Got Sick

See MY PERSONAL protocol HERE! As a mother and a wife, I know how scary it can get when my loved ones get sick. These supplements in high doses prevented my husband from getting hospitalized and from developing complications when he got sick twice in 2020. Luckily, I was able to care for him and