Energy-Boosting Green Matcha Tea Latte

Energy and Focus Boosting Matcha

Recently, I have acquired a taste for green matcha tea. Trying to limit my coffee intake, I re-visited the amazing properties and benefits of green tea high in cancer-fighting antioxidant ECGC. Making it could not be easier!

Makes 1 serving

1/2 – 1 tsp organic green powdered matcha tea
1/2 cup any type of milk heated (I alternate coconut and pea milk)
1/2 hot water (not boiling as it decreases the antioxidant content of matcha tea)
Preferred sweetener to taste (I prefer a touch of maple syrup or brown sugar)

Combine hot water, milk, and matcha in your French Press. Add sweetener to taste. Close the lid and push down the handle 4-5 times to mix the ingredients up. Open, pour and enjoy a foamy version of this yummy beverage. Notice, how from just a small dose of matcha, your energy and focus soar and stay at high levels for several hours instead of crashing 1-2 hours later after when you drink coffee.

Hmm, I wonder if one can make a “Dirty Matcha Green Tea Latte” with a shot of espresso. Something to experiment with in the future:)

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