Summer Electrolyte Water

Summer Electrolyte Water

When it is very hot outside, we drink lots of water! And if you are like me, using Reverse Osmosis filtered water, you, probably, do not get sufficient minerals that RO water is lacking. It is hot outside and we are losing even more electrolytes (as well as toxins) with sweating a lot! So, just drinking water, and, especially RO water is NOT enough! You also need to maintain the electrolyte balance. Water saves from thirst but does not help with the loss of trace elements. Electrolyte drinks can be easily prepared at home. You can avoid artificial coloring and corn syrup sweetener in such drinks as Gatorade (Yuck!) or Vitamin Water made by Coca Cola company. Needless to say, Coca Cola company is NOT concerned about your or your family health! 

Coconut water could be a good electrolyte drink too, by the way! Especially, for children and picky eaters love coconut water! It is great during stomach bug invasion (“stomach flu”) or rotavirus, or at any point of dehydration.



3-4 glasses of water 

1 Cup of freshly squeezed orange juice (can be omitted if you are trying to lose weight) 

1 Cup of lemon juice 

¼ teaspoon of raw salt – it is grayish or pink (Himalayan) 

1 tablespoon (or to taste) of honey (Stevia or my favorite – Monk Fruit sweetener could be used in place of honey).

  1. Heat 1 cup of water and leave salt and honey to dissolve if used. 
  2. Add all other ingredients. 
  3. For aroma, you can put fresh herbs – mint or basil.   

Replenishing water and electrolyte balance is especially important during high-intensity exercise, infrared sauna use, and plainly during the summer months in Arizona!  Minimal deficiency in sodium and electrolytes can be easily fixed, but, unfortunately, severe sodium deficiency may even lead to death. 

Symptoms of Electrolyte Imbalance: 

  1. irritability
  2. weakness 
  3. headache 
  4. dizziness 
  5. frequent urination  
  6. muscle spasms and cramps
  7. Inability to focus on something

To maintain water and electrolyte balance, it is not at all necessary to buy drinks with a long and frightening list of ingredients. If you do not suffer from diabetes Type 1 or 2, metabolic disorder, and you have a healthy metabolism, there will be no dysregulation of blood sugar balance if you add freshly squeezed orange juice and a small amount of honey that are rich in vitamins and minerals. You can omit juice if you are concerned about extra sugars in your diet and substitute honey with monk fruit sweetener or stevia.