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Greek-Style Lamb Chops

Roasted lamb ribs in the oven are not just delicious, but simply delicious. Perhaps, on the counter of a butcher’s shop, a cut of lamb called “kare” does not look very appetizing, but this is a real delicacy! If you have not yet succumbed to the temptation to cook lamb ribs at home, correct the

Pork Chops (AIP, Paleo)

Quick recipes are my favorite! Paired with grilled veggies – dinner or lunch is ready in 20 minutes. Make extra grilled veggies as they are good for leftovers! Ingredients: Bone-in pork chop (sustainably raised). Veggies on hand: I used zucchinis and broccoli for the grill. Chopped mushrooms and onions lightly sauteed in avocado oil or

Egg-Free Cookies

Gluten-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, Grain-Free, Nut-Free Food sensitivities and allergies are so prevalent right now, and we see more and more products on the shelves of the stores with a label stating that this brand of cookie or cupcake is free of all 8 allergens. So what are we eating when we buy treats like that?

Paleo Sweet Potato Bruschetta

How to get more Omega-3s into your diet? My hubby hates sardines and canned anchovies. So, for him, I top these easy breakfast bruschetta with smoked Alaskan salmon. For me and my daughter, I use sardines or anchovies with bones. Why with bones? The bones are an excellent source of calcium for growing bones and

Eggplant Salad

This delicious salad according to a simple recipe will appeal to all eggplant lovers. My mom used to make this salad in summer and it tastes great when topped the gluten-free toast or regular rye bread. I must say that the proportions in this salad are not so important. You can add a little bit more or