Make delicious chocolate from carob – it’s healthier than cocoa beans! I have been making carob chocolate for a long time. It is very useful and incredibly tasty! Preparing this dessert is extremely simple, and due to the content of carob, it has a rich taste and delicate texture. Sugar is naturally absent in the recipe, you can still add some honey or maple syrup but it tastes great even without adding any sweetness to it.


  1. Cocoa butter 4 tablespoons
  2. Carob powder 2 tablespoons
  3. Optional – nuts, dried fruits to taste

Carob is the dry pods of the subtropical carob tree. This product itself has a very sweet taste and delicate aroma, and it is also very beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract.


Preparing chocolate from carob is very simple:

1. Melt the prepared cocoa butter in a water bath (over medium heat).
2. Constantly stirring the melted cocoa butter, add spices or nuts and dried fruits.
3. Gradually add carob powder to the mass and mix thoroughly. The mixture should be homogeneous and thicken a little during cooking in a water bath.
4. Pour the resulting mass into chocolate or candy molds. Ideally, the form should be silicone.
5. Cool the chocolate on the windowsill, then remove it to harden in the freezer. This will take 30 minutes.

Serve carob chocolate with hot drinks like coffee 🙂