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Chocolate (df, gf, soy-free)

I love experimenting in the kitchen and chocolate was on the bucket list of my experiments! Chocolate definitely makes my life happier. Getting my toddler to help with this project was fun too (minus all the clothes I had to wash after) – so, do not make my mistakes and buy your child an apron!

7 Signs that You are Lacking Magnesium

Magnesium is one of my most favorite minerals that I suggest to almost every patient!  Everyone is different and definitely it is worth checking Magnesium, RBC (Red Blood Cell) level that is offered by Sonora Quest or LabCorp to see better the picture. But a lot of times, symptoms alone are just enough to start

Chocolate Coconut Bombs

A sea of ​​recipes for keto bombs for every taste, and salty, and sweet, and sour, and all together. They are convenient to take with you, and no one around even has the thought that this is something dietary. Fat bombs are usually made in the form of balls and look like regular candies. Are there many

Paleo AIP Chocolates

Apparently, making chocolate is not hard at all! Just combine, mix, and pour into a fun form to enjoy later! It has to be refrigerated though, but any chocolate in summer months in Arizona has to be refrigerated anyway! To make it sugar-free, I added 1/2 tsp of stevia. In general, I am not a