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Sprouts Health is a functional medicine practice focused on disease prevention and health promotion. It is a new age of individualized precision medicine where every person is treated differently, taking into consideration the possible root causes of the “dis-ease”, genetic predispositions, overall toxic burden, and environmental triggers.

WHy we are different

Sprouts Health gets to the root causes

Follow Through

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make.

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What to expect

Step 1: Initial Consultation In Person – (Approximately 60 minutes)

Includes the review of the following:

  • Your main concerns and current symptoms
  • Your lifestyle and diet
  • Comprehensive functional physical examination
  • Personalized assessment and a plan of care
  • Laboratory requisitions for functional and regular lab tests as needed
  • Personalized exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations
  • Prescriptions when needed
  • Step 2: follow-up Consultation (45 minutes)
    • Review of plan of care and its’ implementation
    • Review of lab results and explanation of their implications
    • Evaluation and adjustment of the treatment plan

    Step 3: achieving your goals and follow-ups

    Depending on the severity of your condition, there may be needed a few follow-ups usually 1-3 months apart.

    If your concern is your thyroid function and health, I will help you find the most optimal for YOU option of treatment ranging from just replenishing your body with minerals and vitamins to starting thyroid hormone or switching from one kind of thyroid hormone to another.

    In order to optimize your body with the right for you dose of the thyroid hormone, we would have to meet more frequently – around every 6 weeks to see how you feel and check your blood pressure, heart rate, and thyroid hormone levels via lab testing. Once you reach your optimal dose and you are feeling your best, our appointments can be more spread out to every 2-3 months.

    What Our customers say

    Zhanna is a very knowledgeable and caring professional, and i am amazed at the results of the treatment. I started feeling better in one week and continue to have more energy and improve a month into treatment. So excited to continue an this journey and very grateful for her recommendations and advice.

    Tatiana C.

    Zhanna helped me to identify several Thyroid problems, I went to other doctors that totally overlooked my condition. She is very bright and I will see her again.

    Cathy L.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you accept insurance?

    Unfortunately, the standard insurance plans do not cover functional medicine consultations, but we will provide you with billing sheets, which have diagnosis codes and procedure codes, for you to submit directly to your insurance company for reimbursement. It is up to your insurance company to decide whether to reimburse you for your visit and to select the amount they are willing to cover.

    Will my insurance cover my lab work?

    The insurance will cover a part of the lab work done at LabCorp or Sonora Quest. The amount covered will depend on the insurance company as coverage varies greatly from one insurance provider to another.

    Do you provide a superbill?

    Sprouts Health is a cash only functional medicine practice.  If you are seeking insurance plan reimbursement after your visit, you may request a Superbill and submit it to your insurance. Please, call your insurance, if you would like to know how much they may or will reimburse or count towards your deductible (Sprouts Health can not guarantee reimbursement of any kind, each insurance product is unique and many are stubborn.)

    What if I have a quick question between the appointments?

    • Please, expect an answer to your questions within 2-3 business days.
    • Messaging portal is for short questions and answers concerning the previous appointment.
    • If you have clinical questions that require research or prescriptions, please, make an in-person or a phone follow-up consult.
    • There are membership options available if you would like to get consulting and answers to your new medical questions over the patient portal.

    What kind of functional lab testing do you offer?

    There are many functional medicine laboratory studies at my fingertips, but I focus on getting the most information with the least expensive route. Lab tests as include stool microbiome evaluation, Organice Acid Test (OATs), heavy metals, food sensitivities, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) studies, hormone evaluation, and others depending on the patient’s symptoms and main concerns.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    Please, give me at least 3 business day notice for the cancellation of your appointment. A 50-dollar fee will be charged for late cancellations inside of 3 business days. The full amount for the appointment will be charged for no-shows or if the cancellation happens 24 hours or less prior to the appointment.

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