Weight Loss

Weight gain and weight loss are not as simple as one may think. Weight loss resistance is a metabolic and hormonal disorder that can be hard to fix after years of low-fat dieting and untreated hypothyroidism. Approaching this disorder from multiple angles will help to achieve the results slowly but steadily. Some of the causes of weight loss resistance are the following:


The thyroid gland is a master gland that regulates metabolism, weight maintenance, reproductive function to name a few! While one can live without one kidney, it is impossible to live without the thyroid gland. Some very common hypothyroid symptoms include weakness, hair loss, coarse hair and brittle nails, dry skin, WEIGHT GAIN, depression, lack of motivation, constipation, cold feet and hands, and infertility. Making sure that your thyroid function is optimal will prevent the development of secondary complication such as Type 2 Diabetes!


Diet plays a big role in losing weight. The long-standing advice to eat low-fat high-carb diet is one part of the puzzle why the Americans exercise more but weigh more too.


Even though exercise is very important, it is impossible to exercise one’s way out of a bad diet! Regular exercise and being active prevents weight gain and helps to promote heart health and general well-being.

Prescription Medications

The average American age 30 or older takes 3-10 prescription medications. Antidepressant medications, antipsychotic medications, birth control pills, steroid medications, insulin, blood sugar lowering medications cause changes in the body and promote weight gain. Not treating the root cause (for example, hypothyroidism) leads to more and more medication prescriptions that will cause further side effects.


Psychological traumas, depression, anxiety, high levels of stress, being on the run all the time trying to juggle all the adult responsibilities causes overeating, as well as reaching for comfort foods to self-medicate. Food addictions are real, and without figuring out and addressing the cause of depression, the vicious cycle “Depression – Comfort Foods – Feeling Better” is not possible to break.


Even one night of sleep deprivation makes you eat 20-30% more the next day! Just imagine how many more calories you will eat every day if you are suffering from sleep apnea that causes sleep deprivation (and a higher risk of heart attacks and strokes)!


Everyday stress cannot be underestimated. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is secreted while you are under high levels of stress and makes you eat more leading to an inevitable weight gain.

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