Toxins in Our Lives

Knowledge is light! But too much light could be damaging to our eyes! The more I know, the less I sleep.

We hear from TV and read on the Internet that the pollution is high, that it is ubiquitous no matter where we live. But the issue is that we DO NOT see it around us. We do NOT see it in the air we breathe in, we do NOT see it on the playground that we take our children to. There are better and healthier options that our cities could implement, but for whatever reason, they choose not to do so.

We keep wondering why our children are not as healthy as before and cannot tolerate many conventional medical interventions that were implemented for years when we were growing up. Here you can see the level of industrial and other toxins in the urine of a 2-year-old child who lives in Gilbert, Arizona. Will this child be strong enough to withstand the exposure to heavy metals and other toxins if the current levels of toxins are not addressed and the air is not cleaned.

In the above picture, the level is high due to the exposure to gasoline and its vapors, such as exhaust fumes. Who is not exposed to that in Arizona or in any other state? We all know about the cleaner electric power that is used to power our cars. Yet, the movement to switch to the electric-powered cars is slow and impeded by the oil and gas-powered industry.

Petroleum Byproducts

Here again, the petroleum byproducts are making our kids and us sick. Guess where we get them from? Most playgrounds in Arizona have cushy petroleum-based resin as the floor for the kids to fall and not to get hurt. The vapors from these floors may even cause cancer! As it states above in fine print: “The increased use of old tires in the production of crumb rubber playgrounds and athletic fields is quite concerning since soccer players on such fields have increased cancer rates.” I am personally looking for the playgrounds that have sand or wood chips at the base.

Organophosphates (aka Pesticides)

These are pesticides that are sprayed year-round in Arizona grass, so there is no way around it. Unless the city we live in chooses to use organic weed-killers and save the health of its’ inhabitants and those who spray these chemicals while inhaling/swallowing them. After all, where do our property taxes go to? To get us more cancer and more disease so we would have to fork out more money on putting those diseases into remission.

Exposure to Dry-Cleaning Chemicals

Do you live next to a dry-cleaning facility? Well, we do, therefore, my guess is that the level of NAPR is super high in my body.

Perchlorate Impairs Our Thyroid Function

Perchlorate is through the roof and we use one of the cleanest (per CDC website) type of water that strips all the minerals from it too. Reverse Osmosis water is next in cleanliness to distilled water. I have been adding trace minerals from Utah to the water my toddler and I drink, but not into water that my husband drinks. His levels of perchlorate are in green. As I tested our RO water for heavy metals before, I have not tested it for ubiquitous perchlorate. I may test it soon for it, but unfortunately, this test is hard to find and it is pricey. I may just recheck our levels of perchlorate in the future to see if it decreased without the above-mentioned trace minerals.

Glutathione Markers

Here you can see the high demand for glutathione – the most important anti-oxidant that helps us detoxify. The demand is increased due to the exposure to mold toxins (mycotoxins) and environmental pollution.

Yeast Overgrowth Markers

Yeast overgrowth that is not improving with multiple measures to curb it. Look deeper for the root cause and do not treat just yeast overgrowth (aka “Candida overgrowth”)! The causes could be multiple and may need time to get to the bottom for you to feel better. Just like peeling the layers of onion to get to the core, functional medicine approach helps to dig deeper and find the root cause. When does it actually matter? When finding the root cause will help you change the health outcomes and how you feel!

If you are lost and do not know where to start, find a healthcare provider who will listen to your story and will help you get better and feel better! Unfortunately, the conventional medical paradigm only teaches how to treat that already-developed disease and not how to prevent it or see the first signs of it!

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