This Test Can Help You Take Control of Your Future Health

As we age, we become more susceptible to chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. The reality, unfortunately, is that 95% of adults over the age of 65 have at least one chronic condition, while 80% have two or more. But don’t worry. There are a number of proactive steps you can take today to support your long-term health.

Naturally, our diet plays a huge role in how our bodies function over time. You can use Vibrant America Lab Tests to gauge exactly where you stand and build a plan for the future. Let’s take a closer look at how Vibrant Wellness Micronutrient Test can help you take charge of your health and longevity.

Reap the Benefits of Comprehensive Micronutrient Testing

Nutrient deficiencies, in many cases, is treated as a surface-level issue, something that only needs to address wrinkles and grey hair. In reality, though, it’s a much more involved process. Vibrant Micronutrient Test provides a holistic solution that looks at the body’s underlying functions to ensure you’re primed to fight against aging.

At the core of the package is a Micronutrient Lab Test, a simple blood test that reviews the amount of micronutrients in your system. It’ll help you determine whether your intake and levels are outside of what’s considered a ‘normal’ range. This is especially important for aging individuals because the body’s metabolism, digestive capabilities, and energy levels all start to dip with age. You may have a tough time-ingesting and using the nutrients your body needs for optimal functioning. Plus, changes in the gut microbiome and the accumulation of toxins can deplete antioxidants, leading to cognitive changes and nutrient deficiencies.

Ready to finally take control of your long-term health? Here are the exciting benefits you can expect from Vibrant Micronutrient Test.


Get a Comprehensive View of Your Health: It’s no secret that nutrients and hormones coordinate within the body.

Take Immediate Action: Once you understand your micronutrient levels, you can quickly adjust your diet and supplements to start correcting the issue. The panel even provides food and supplement recommendations to make this as easy as possible.

Get to the Root of Your Symptoms: Don’t accept random aches, pains, and mysterious symptoms as a natural part of the aging process. Instead, get to the root of the issue and see if there are any micronutrient deficiencies that are causing your problems.

Find the Answers You Need with Vibrant Micronutrient Test: Order the Test HERE

It’s time to take change of your future wellbeing. With Vibrant Wellness’s Micronutrient Test, you can get accurate, actionable information that helps you succeed in your mission of creating long-term health. Make the decision today and start on your journey towards optimal health.