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Healing Soup to Boost Immunity

Soup is an opportunity to get nutrients from foods that otherwise have no chance of becoming part of your diet. For example, many do not like onions, parsley and celery root, shiitake mushrooms or seaweed, ginger root, or turmeric. Soup makes it possible to boil them down and thus benefit from them or make them

Immune Support: What I Used when My Family Got Sick

See MY PERSONAL protocol HERE! As a mother and a wife, I know how scary it can get when my loved ones get sick. These supplements in high doses prevented my husband from getting hospitalized and from developing complications when he got sick twice in 2020. Luckily, I was able to care for him and

3-Day Sauerkraut

My mom always makes this recipe in winter, as there are almost no veggies or salad available in Ukraine during the long winter months. Fermented vegetable are all the rage nowadays. Basically, we are coming back to what our ancestors ate just several decades ago, when the refrigeration did not exist or was not available