Starting on a health journey can be very overwhelming, especially, if you are not familiar with Paleo or Whole 30 diets. The following books may help you learn more about the approach to treat the disease and help you to focus on the foods you can eat instead of foods you need or have to avoid. I have read all these books as I was embarking on improving my health and healing myself.

There are a number of companies that promote shakes and smoothies as part of a diet plan for weight loss. Unfortunately, a lot of times they work while you are using that brand’s shakes and it could be a good start for someone who is switching from a Standard American Diet (SAD) rich in processed foods and rancid fats such as canola oil to Paleo. Nevertheless, I have yet to meet a patient who would want to commit to using the shakes for the rest of her life. Unlike a shake system, Paleo/Whole 30 or a different plan is a way of life. It is not a quick fix and the diet changes you make will last a lifetime (well, occasional cheat-days and slips will happen, but you will learn from your experiences and will make better choices next time).

The cookbooks are especially helpful as they help you see the abundance of foods you actually have not eaten because grain processed foods such as bread, cookies, sandwich wraps, etc. were clogging your system giving you a false sense of satiety while still leaving you malnourished and fatigued. Now it is time to start eating the rainbow of colors made of vegetables and some fruit!