Telemedicine Appointments

If you are worried about your symptoms or need a med refill – simple no-hassle affordable ($49) Telemedicine appointments with Zhanna Tarjeft, FNP! You will be provided a visit claim to submit to your insurance for reimbursement after the visit. You can book your

How to Fight Allergies without Drugs

Spring and summer bring happiness to most people. People love warmer weather: Midwesterners are happy to get outside during warmer weather; Arizonians are hiding. Unfortunately, people who suffer from allergies are dreading pollen and flower blooms! Who would like to live with a runny

The Basics of Seasonal Allergies

Spring is coming, and if you live like me in Arizona allergies may not leave you ever because something is always blooming in Arizona. The worst is the seasonal orange blooms! This means that nasal congestion, redness of the skin, tears, watery eyes, runny

Environmental Toxins Screen

Here are the results of the Urine Environmental Toxin Screen I got! These are follow-up results that are much better than the initial results but there is still more work to be done! And if this was not enough, there are a few more