Immune Support: What I Used when My Family Got Sick

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As a mother and a wife, I know how scary it can get when my loved ones get sick. These supplements in high doses prevented my husband from getting hospitalized and from developing complications when he got sick twice in 2020. Luckily, I was able to care for him and push all the supplements he did not want to take before into him. It still took him 3 solid weeks to get back to 90% capacity with all the supplements. 

I consider it a huge win though – he did NOT get complications such as pneumonia, blood clots, or any other random complications that we hear about in the news. And he did not get hospitalized. 

My worst fear would be going to the hospital where I would be helpless to advocate for him and to oversee his treatment as nobody (even the closest family members) to visit the admitted hospital patient. Forget about bringing supplements and neutraceuticals to the hospital – as an RN who worked Medical-Surgical floor I still remember how I was making sure my patients did not take anything extra except for the medications given by me at certain hours according to certain protocols. 

We now see that there are cheap and old medications that also may be helpful to avoid complications and hospitalizations. 

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