Drinking Poison from Your Water Bottle

Do you drink clean filtered water every day? What about cashier receipts? Is it safe to handle them? Our toxic burden increases every day and our exposure to chemicals too. The study of the umbilical … Continue

I Think it is Zinc Deficiency

    Zinc and Why it is Important Zinc is very important to support immune function and prevent cancer as zinc is a powerful antioxidant. It also important for your heart, muscle growth and repair, … Continue

Iron Overload, Genetics, and 23andMe

I have been fascinated with genetics and epigenetics ever since I got results from 23andme for my husband and myself around 5 years ago.  After quite some time figuring out where to start and what … Continue

5 Basic Lab Tests

  Evaluation of thyroid problem symptoms such as complaints of fatigue, insomnia, joint pains, difficulty focusing, brain fog, and other symptoms of thyroid problems can be started with a basic laboratory testing.  A lot of … Continue

Food Allergies, Intolerances, and Sensitivities

There are several food reactions that may make life miserable in different ways. The reactions can be broad and, at times, hard to predict. Identifying different reactions to foods takes time, patience, and detective work. … Continue