Reset Your Gut to Reclaim Your Ideal Weight

The Real Definition of Gut Health Many experts refer to the gut as “our second brain,” – and books such as ‘The Good Gut’, ‘Brainmaker’, ‘The Microbiome Solution’, and ‘The Gut Balance Revolution’ perfectly displays … Continue

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Cancer Risk-Reducing Diet: What to Eat

There is increasing evidence that shows diet plays a role in the incidence of certain cancers. Several carcinogens found in dietary factors such as processed meats, hot drinks, sugary foods, dairy products, margarine, and high … Continue

Unlock the Mystery of Lectin Sensitivity

Lectins are proteins found in many plant-based foods, often described as “defensive proteins” that protect their host organisms. Consumption of lectins can have adverse effects, ranging from minor digestive issues to severe autoimmune diseases. Lectin … Continue