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Cancer Risk-Reducing Diet: What to Eat

There is increasing evidence that shows diet plays a role in the incidence of certain cancers. Several carcinogens found in dietary factors such as processed meats, hot drinks, sugary foods, dairy products, margarine, and high … Continue

Metabolomix Urine Comprehensive Panel

Genova Diagnostics offers a urine test called Metabolomix, which is a comprehensive panel of metabolic markers that provides information about the functioning of various metabolic pathways in the body. The test measures levels of a … Continue

Five Rules for Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

1. Choose Foods Rich in Vitamins to Support Your Genetics Choose products from free-range animals. Grain-fed animals have a different proportion of beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids changes towards pro-inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids. Avoid meat from … Continue

Four Vitamins to Increase Your Energy

Converting food into energy (ATP) is not an easy process. Energy is produced in the “energy stations” that are called mitochondria. Mitochondria are very sensitive to the outside of the cell and inside the cells … Continue